DN 2A (to Ovidiu), DN22 (to Tariverde),

DJ 22A (to the fortress)


Opening hours:

08:00-20:00 (summer)

09:00-17:00 (winter)

A Greek colony established in the 7th century BC by colonists from Milet, Histria evolved during the Hellenic and Roman period until the 7th century AD.
The complex includes the Histria Fortress Museum and the ruins of the Greek-Roman city. Histria was discovered by the archaeologist Vasile Parvan in 1914 and archaeological research has not been interrupted since. In the for­tress one can see the stone wall from the Roman-Byzantine period, with towers and gates, the ancient streets and squares, foundations of basilicas, houses and stores, Roman baths, acient temples.
Established in 1982 and subordinated to the National History and Archaeology Museum of Constanta, the museum exhibits items of Greek, Roman and Byzantine archaeology proceeding from the research in Histria and around. The collection includes ceramic and stone dishes, personal and domestic items, sculptures, architectural items, inscriptions.