Name of project

Development and promotion of an integrated cultural heritage tourism product: Route “Roman frontier within the cross-border region Romania-Bulgaria”


Programme Interreg V-A Romania-Bulgaria 2014-2020.

Lead partner

Association of Danube River Municipalities “Danube” (ADRM)


Constanta Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Shipping and Agriculture – CCINA Constanta (CCINA)

Constanta, Romania

Project duration

24 months


€ 908,408.15


€ 772,146.93


co financing

Bulgaria – € 92,239.89

Romania – € 25,844.11

Own contributions

€ 18,177.23

Project description

The project aims at increasing the sustainable use of the common cultural heritage in the cross-border region through the development and promotion of integrated tourist product in the field of historical heritage: Route "Roman frontier within the cross- border region Romania-Bulgaria".

The main activities under the project are:

- Elaboration of preliminary study of the Roman heritage sites in the region;

- Adoption of a strategy for the development, enhancement and innovation of the tourism product of the common Roman heritage and a strategy marketing;

- Design and production of promotional materials for the integrated product - route;

- Consultations with stakeholders and the expert community:

• roundtables: 8 in Romania and 8 in Bulgaria

• a two-day conference, in Bulgaria and Romania.

The objectives that the project sets will lead to the development of cultural tourism in the region with expected result - joint tourist product, which will be the best way to fully exploit the cultural assets, related to the Roman heritage of the region. Project activities ensure shared involvement of various stakeholders, including the cultural and creative industries, media, travel agencies and tour operators.

The goal of the project is to contribute to the overall economic development of the region. By attracting large numbers of new tourists it will contribute to a better business environment for local businesses and greater incentives for new investments in improving the tourism infrastructure in the region will be created. This will be a boost for the local economy and will lead to higher employment levels.